Family of Four


This blog started when my oldest was about the age of my youngest now and I want to bring it back as I start to get the hang of having two children.  I don’t know if the long hiatus is because I was too busy to blog or if I was just going through doubts of Continue reading Family of Four


How to: Make A Lego Table Top

For Christmas, Carson received this fabulous activity table from the Land Of Nod. I’m in love with it because it will grow with him and (at least in my ideal world) he will be able to use it until he is well into his teens. Nonetheless, from the moment he got it, I have talked about making a Lego top for it. I wanted it to be removable because well, Continue reading How to: Make A Lego Table Top

Being Prepared for Disney World: Packing List for the Park

I have been unpacking from Disney all week. While I was writing down the things we used/needed for future trips, I thought my blog would be a good place to keep that list safe and it might help some other people too. So here goes:

Above is a photo of what’s in my backpack…. A lot of stuff, but I

Continue reading Being Prepared for Disney World: Packing List for the Park

In sickness…

For those of you that don’t follow me on Facebook, the little guy has strep throat. We are so thankful he was healthy our entire vacation, but it is rather difficult to get things back in order with a sick child. He is a cutie, but he can whine up a storm when he’s sick. I guess I can’t blame him because I get rather pathetic myself.
Today is day 2 and he is feeling much better. In fact, he’s starting to get back some defiant energy or post-vacation behavior. All the parents of children over 1 know exactly what Continue reading In sickness…

Our Final day…

Today was our last day at the parks, but that didn’t stop us from having a blast!! We started the day at Magic Kingdom. We were a little slow moving this morning and didn’t make it for the opening this time, but still got inside the gates before 10. Off to Fantasyland we trotted to ride the Pooh ride a couple more times. It is so much fun watching Carson point out all the things on the ride. Chris and I spend more time watching his reactions than we do paying attention to the ride itself. He has been a blast!!
Before leaving the Magic Kingdom for the final time this trip, we had a couple things to mark off our list.
1. See if Carson should be king….

… Sadly, he did not pull the sword from the stone.
And lastly, see one of Carson’s Continue reading Our Final day…