Egg Hunting: Ideas for egg contents

It has been a crazy busy week and my plans of posting at least 3 times a week didn’t happen. However, I was able to spend some great time with some friends while I was in Atlanta for a few days.

Nonetheless, excuses aside, I wanted to fill everyone in on Easter egg hunting. Last year, Carson could not even walk. Thus last year, the Little Man was not interested and I didn’t even try to do any egg hunts. However, this year was a different story. We did at least four different egg hunts and while he still didn’t get the idea very well, I had fun taking him and hosting hunts for the other kids.

I have learned a lot about egg hunts this year and want to pass it along to everyone. In my head, eggs have candy in them. I never thought anything of it and just put candy in all the eggs I stuffed this year. I am always excited to get candy and figured it would be exciting to any and all kids. Well, it is exciting, but kids don’t need to have that much sugar and for the smaller kids (Carson included), when there is candy in the eggs this happens….

The hunting STOPS. Once Carson realized there was chocolate in one of the eggs, he sat down and started eating it. There was no more running to grab eggs and no more thrill. Just chocolate eating and chocolate all over his face. While I am not one of those moms that really cares about chocolate on my child’s face, I am one of those competitive people that was trying to get him to find more eggs. To no avail, Carson ended up with three eggs…. please note that I had brought 25 eggs to this particular event. Oh well…

So here is what I learned from all the other much, much wiser mothers: There are many other wonderful things to put into the eggs other than candy…. who knew?!?

Some examples and wonderful ideas I saw this year:

  • stickers
  • playdoh
  • little bracelets and necklaces (for the girls)
  • hair bows (for the girls)
  • gold fish
  • teddy grahams
  • fruit snacks
  • little figurines (easily found at dollar store or Target)
  • bouncy balls (please note these would NOT be good for younger children…like Carson… because they can get caught in their throats)

Please feel free to add any additional thoughts and ideas to the comments and I will add them here. 🙂

And for your added pleasure, here is a scare Easter bunny picture of Carson from last year (we didn’t make it this year)


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