My child wants to just go, go, go. After he woke up from his nap, he wanted to go on his next adventure (even though Chris and I had hoped to hang out at the hotel and room). He climbs into his stroller and says, “Set…. Go”. Basically, it’s his version of I’m ready to go. So, we were off to the parks again. This trip Carson’s favorite park has been Epcot.
There is a butterfly house for the Flower and Garden festival that he loved. He was trying to get one to land on him in the above photo. As a side note, his preschool class is called the butterflies, so he is very aware of butterflies and can even say the word 😉
Another favorite at Epcot is the Nemo ride and all the fish and sea life to view at the end of the ride. We looked at all kinds of fish from dolphins and sharks to clown fish (of course) and even manatee.
Chris and Carson watched the manatees being fed. They are pretty much fed around the clock because they eat well over 100 pounds of lettuce a day….wowza!!

Since Chris and I were riding Nemo a lot and the Donald Duck ride in the Mexico pavilion a lot, we started searching for the hidden Mickey’s within the rides…. Here’s one:

Oh and here is another character picture with Carson. Chris and I both love watching him run to the characters arms spread out ready to give them a big hug and kiss.


And now my blogging brings us to what we did today. I did a terrible job taking phone pictures today (sorry). We went to Hollywood Studios (which I still call MGM) and did a couple rides and saw a few shows. Carson’s favorite ride is Toy Story Mania (apple doesn’t fall far from the tree), but most of all he loves the parades.

This is the Pixar Pals parade that we have seen each time we have gone to Hollywood Studios. Woody and Buzz are at the end and he goes crazy for them!!

Well, tomorrow is our last full day… It’s hard to believe it is almost over.


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Mother of a two boys, who teach me new things everyday. Disney lover and vacation planner hoping to help everyone have the most magical vacation possible.

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