Our Final day…

Today was our last day at the parks, but that didn’t stop us from having a blast!! We started the day at Magic Kingdom. We were a little slow moving this morning and didn’t make it for the opening this time, but still got inside the gates before 10. Off to Fantasyland we trotted to ride the Pooh ride a couple more times. It is so much fun watching Carson point out all the things on the ride. Chris and I spend more time watching his reactions than we do paying attention to the ride itself. He has been a blast!!
Before leaving the Magic Kingdom for the final time this trip, we had a couple things to mark off our list.
1. See if Carson should be king….

… Sadly, he did not pull the sword from the stone.
And lastly, see one of Carson’s favorites (but always has a long line to see): Buzz Lightyear!

With these two things accomplished we called it an early day and heading back to the room for nap time.

We had a very successful nap time, but the second I got Carson out of his bed he jumped into the stroller ready to go again (no joke… This kid is full of energy). So we decided to head to the pool.

Since it was over 90 degrees today, everyone else was at the pool too. So, we bought Carson a Nemo beach ball and played with him in the kiddy pool. He was laughing and having a blast.

After wearing him out, we thought we were in for the night. He cuddled up next to me on the bed and was just content as could be. After he finished his peanut butter sandwich, he jumped off the bed and heading for the door…. Chris and I looked at one another, laughed and decided we were off again… This time to Epcot.

Of course, we first had to “find” Nemo…. I really think we are going to have to get him an aquarium…anyway, we spent most of the time seeing all the fish.

These are not the best pictures, but apparently they turn all the lights down very low to simulate night time for the fish…. So it was rather dark. Before we left, Carson dragged me to find the actual Nemo, so I took his picture for everyone to see…

By the end of our Epcot trip, Carson was ready for bed. I think it took him all of 30 seconds to fall asleep once we got back to the room.
It has been a great trip and as always, I will be sad to leave Disney in the morning. We have had so much fun with Carson and he has made us laugh so much. I look forward to updating everyone with the photopass pictures and non-phone pictures in a week or so. And probably some other cool things we found out about Disney… Until then, thanks for keeping up with us on our family adventure.


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Mother of a two boys, who teach me new things everyday. Disney lover and vacation planner hoping to help everyone have the most magical vacation possible.

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