In sickness…

For those of you that don’t follow me on Facebook, the little guy has strep throat. We are so thankful he was healthy our entire vacation, but it is rather difficult to get things back in order with a sick child. He is a cutie, but he can whine up a storm when he’s sick. I guess I can’t blame him because I get rather pathetic myself.
Today is day 2 and he is feeling much better. In fact, he’s starting to get back some defiant energy or post-vacation behavior. All the parents of children over 1 know exactly what this is. You have a fun vacation with relaxed bedtimes and tons of fun activities to come home to strict schedules and less activities. (Basically it’s like acting out all the thoughts you have towards your boss when you return from vacation… You keep them to yourself, but a 2 year old yells them loud and proud). Anyway, at least I know he’s getting better.

Today, I made him a homemade popsicle. He is getting back to normal on fluids, but the poor, little guy fell and busted his lip, so I thought this would help make it better. While it did ease the pain, he still looks like he got punched in the mouth.
I’m going to be super optimistic and say we will be back to 100% by tomorrow. I have a ton of party stuff to do for his upcoming birthday party. Y’all are going to love all the crafty posts coming your way 😉


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Mother of a two boys, who teach me new things everyday. Disney lover and vacation planner hoping to help everyone have the most magical vacation possible.

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