Busy summer

So my blog has been very lacking. I do apologize for that. Summer has been crazy busy and I’ve had little time to do anything extra. I hope to get better as summer slows down, but for now just bear with me, please.

So to sum up some items this summer:

I was in a fabulous wedding for my college friend, roommate and sorority sister Natalie at Lake Lanier Islands. It was a beautiful ceremony and a wonderful reception. I think everyone had a blast!!


I may replace this picture with a better one later, but I wanted everyone to see how beautiful she looked on her wedding day!!!

After the wedding my family and I headed in Panama City Beach. When we first started going (before The Little Man), it was a very relaxing vacation. Now it is a lot of activity and events, but so much more fun!!


Carson LOVED the ocean and the sand. Here he is sporting his Frank Sinatra style hat, which is pretty much the only type of hat he will wear.


We played a lot in the ocean because there were fish and shells and waves. He had so much fun I have been trying to convince Chris to take us back for a long weekend…. So far no luck.

We have also been up in North Georgia a couple weekends. Carson loves it up there and keeps calling it “my lake”. I guess we are entering the “mine, mine, mine” phase. I pray it is short. Nonetheless, he has loved playing in the creek, so that’s where he spent most of his time.


With all these water related activities, I (along with pretty much everyone else) decided Carson needed to start swim lessons. Which he did pretty well. I probably should have done more, but I figure we can do them 2-3 weeks next year and it will stick a little more.


I was very lucky to find a sorority sister who is a life guard, swim instructor and preschool teacher. She was wonderful and very patient with Carson.

And last, but certainly not least. I completed the Peachtree Road Race! (The world’s largest road race) I’ve done races before and even a 1/2 Marathon, but my intentions for this one was to get a great time. Well, due to my busy summer and less training than I had hoped, my goal of under 1 hr was not met. However, I at least did pretty well with a time of 1:14:53. Not too shabby for the little training I did.


So, in a nut shell that has been our summer. Of course there have been many birthday parties, play dates and days at the park, but if I listed all those I would bore everyone. I am hopeful to get blogging again and start sharing some of my ice cream recipes with everyone. (The summer is not complete without homemade ice cream).
I hope everyone’s summers have been as fun and delightful as ours! I know Carson has been loving every minute!



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Mother of a two boys, who teach me new things everyday. Disney lover and vacation planner hoping to help everyone have the most magical vacation possible.

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