Busy summer

So my blog has been very lacking. I do apologize for that. Summer has been crazy busy and I’ve had little time to do anything extra. I hope to get better as summer slows down, but for now just bear with me, please.

So to sum up some items this summer:

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Being Prepared for Disney World: Packing List for the Park

I have been unpacking from Disney all week. While I was writing down the things we used/needed for future trips, I thought my blog would be a good place to keep that list safe and it might help some other people too. So here goes:

Above is a photo of what’s in my backpack…. A lot of stuff, but I

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Our Final day…

Today was our last day at the parks, but that didn’t stop us from having a blast!! We started the day at Magic Kingdom. We were a little slow moving this morning and didn’t make it for the opening this time, but still got inside the gates before 10. Off to Fantasyland we trotted to ride the Pooh ride a couple more times. It is so much fun watching Carson point out all the things on the ride. Chris and I spend more time watching his reactions than we do paying attention to the ride itself. He has been a blast!!
Before leaving the Magic Kingdom for the final time this trip, we had a couple things to mark off our list.
1. See if Carson should be king….

… Sadly, he did not pull the sword from the stone.
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My child wants to just go, go, go. After he woke up from his nap, he wanted to go on his next adventure (even though Chris and I had hoped to hang out at the hotel and room). He climbs into his stroller and says, “Set…. Go”. Basically, it’s his version of I’m ready to go. So, we were off to the parks again. This trip Carson’s favorite park has been Epcot.
There is a butterfly house for the Flower and Garden festival that he loved. He was trying Continue reading “Set….Go”

Early Bird Gets the Worm… Or a rather exhausted child


So if any of you have talked with me since I started planning this trip, you probably know how excited I was to do the Sunrise Safari. For those of you whom I haven’t already told, it is a safari only offered to Animal Kingdom Lodge guests. Since we have never stayed at AKL, I was excited for this opportunity. Well, I did a lot of research on it and even submitted a question to

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Another Magical Day!!

So today could not have gone any better!! Little Man was up early so we decided to try and make it to the gate openings at Magic Kingdom… Although, I will admit to being a little pessimistic that we wouldn’t get there in time, I’m happy to say we were even there 15 mins early. For those of you that don’t know (and I didn’t until recently when a dear friend enlightened me to so much more Disney info), there is an opening show with songs and dancing and then the train pulls in with all the characters aboard. Mickey Mouse then greets the crowd and the gates open. It’s worth seeing, if you never have.

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Hello from Disney World!

Hello from the happiest place on Earth!

I was hoping to be better about updating from our trip, but we have been using Disney Photo Pass and our camera more than our phones. This is probably a good thing because the pictures are better, but nonetheless we are having a great time!


This is our first time coming in April and so far Continue reading Hello from Disney World!